Hello, I'm Jim. I care a lot about learning about people, the world around me, and building/researching responsible technology.

Currently, I'm a software engineer at Tesla, primarily focused on building the Machine Learning training systems on Dojo. Another significant chunk of time is spent studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

Previously, I worked on Large Language Models at Cohere as an early engineer, primarily thinking about how to improve inference and machine learning systems, and bringing immensely unique and useful solutions to problems through these LMs. I helped to found and hire for the inference/model serving team there.

Academically, I'm really curious about ML (especially in NLP, medicine, and interpretability), hard software problems in Distributed Systems and PL/Compilers, Education (broadly and specifically in CS and Math), and how subsets of these interact with each other.

Other things that take up my time include reading, learning about the histories and philosophies of both science and art, crosswords, exercise (nowadays lifting and swimming), and art (mainly guitar for now). Writing more, hosting dinner parties, and learning watercolour painting are also in the near-future.

I love exploring new places to both understand their unique charms and to search for where I would like to spend an extended period of time in the future. I'll be spending the summer in the Bay Area, and studying in Paris in the fall.